Go to this exact website!!!


Wanna know why? Well . . . BECAUSE MRS.FAZEKAS OWE"S THE SCHOOL!!!! THAT'S WHY!!!!

OK! This is a picture of a AMAZING pink hat! That I bought at the great mall of America! If I haven't taken a picture of you with this hat let me know. If there is someone you would like me to take a picture of with the hat also let me know!!! I love to take the pictures and you like to get them taken ( OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE OF ALL THE PICTURES) ( and ESPECIALLY Colin likes to get the pictures of him)

My ... Other website!!!

Ok so I have another website and its www.mlschool.weebly.com     . I have to admit though its not completly done. Ok ... theres actually barely anything on it!!!

Just A Pointer outer-er

Just to let you guys know mr.henke is my bajillionth fav teacher (JK)! Wanna know why? Well im gonna tell you anyway! He wrote all over my MAGICAL PAPER! Yeah I know how rude right! ( I told Mr. Henke Id do this) I hope your reading this Mr. Henke!( Mr.henke's really my 5th fav teacher )( Nevermind 6th )( Not! 7th) ( Yes! My 7th fav teacher )

Joe M's WEBSITE!!!!


The Best Site EVA!!!

Ok. It sounds like a weird title but its the best title!! Whoever you are youre going to love this site!!! It's GREAT!! It has super powers!!! Haha Thats funnay!!

Everybody leave a comment on the blog spot so I can see how many people have visited!!! :) Please and ThanX!!

Added like All PICS!!!!!!!

I added all the pics to the 7th & 8th graders, the teachers & parents, kindergarden & OHH Whateva Ill just tell you I ADDED THEMM ALLL!!!!